Simple restaurant point-of-sale software!

Effectively oversees all aspect of your restaurant’s operations, allowing you to concentrate on building your brand like a true boss! 

Software for restaurant billing that's 10 times faster with paytel

Features of Smart Points of Sale

All-in-one restaurant point-of-sale system

A speedy and user-friendly restaurant invoicing program that makes handling large order volumes effortless
For A quick 3-click restaurant billing software with paytel

A simple three-click restaurant accounting program

Receive orders, punch invoices, and produce KOT. Accept payments by combining tables or dividing bills. Applying coupons and discounts is simple. Paytel RMS’s restaurant point of sale system makes all of this and more simple and quick.

Simplified inventory management for restaurants

Organize your inventory sensibly. With Paytel RMS restaurant POS, you can set up item-wise auto deduction for your inventory, receive low-stock alerts, generate day-end inventory reports, and much more.
Inventory-Item with paytel
Access restaurant reports in real time with paytel

Access restaurant reports in real time

Go paperless by automating your restaurant reporting! Allow Paytel RMS POS to automatically monitor your company’s operations and deliver error-free data on day-end sales, online orders, employee behavior, inventory usage, and more than 80 crucial business reports for your restaurant.

Every one of your orders may be managed using a single online ordering system

Without switching between screens, take online orders, manage the online menu, indicate when the meal is ready, collect money, and track revenue.
managed using a single online ordering system with paytel
One dashboard with numerous integrations with paytel rms


One dashboard with numerous integrations

Utilize Paytel RMS POS to directly manage over 100 third-party connectors and services.
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