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We provide our restaurant partners with goods that guarantee increased revenue and the best practical client experience

India's top supplier of restaurant billing software developed from a simple B2B food delivery platform

Paytel RMS introduced its initial version in 2021. It was an easy business-to-business restaurant delivery model that took in bulk food orders from companies and sent them to restaurants. But our founders realized very quickly that the restaurants they were working with were closing down for good because they were not performing to their full capacity. Their inability to use unified technology to support their daily tasks was the primary cause of this. Their billing machines were antiquated, heavy, and uninteresting. The expenses and profit margins of the eateries were therefore never calculated with accuracy. Back then, restaurants weren’t so much expanding as they were struggling. At that point, our founders made the decision to create a powerful, affordable, and user-friendly billing software for small- to medium-sized restaurants that would streamline daily tasks and encourage sustainability in companies. And now, ten years into the business, we’ve succeeded in realizing our goal of being the best restaurant billing solution supplier to any and all Indian food service enterprises.

Growing the Restaurant Industry

Easy the unorganized food industry sector


Our success has always been primarily related to our ongoing research and Creativity.


Our philosophy is to develop products without complicated user manuals

Client Support

We always make sure that the problems of our restaurant partners are acknowledged and addressed


We really believe that technology should be priced fairly and openly

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