Software for restaurant billing that's 10 times faster

An intelligent, effective and user-friendly 3-click invoicing approach! You should switch to Paytel RMS restaurant accounting software right now.

Billing with paytelrms

An all-rounder Software for Restaurant billing

Customizable bill with paytelrrms

Customizable bill structure

All these features are available with Paytel RMS restaurant POS software: print your restaurant logo, create bill breaks, update customer information, and add a dynamic QR code for payments at the billing counter.

Multiterminal-billing with paytelrms

Multiple-Terminal Invoicing

For your many sections and menus, do you need multiple billing terminals? never fear! If you use Paytel RMS POS to create multiple billing counters and sync them with a single master station, your Captains can generate KOT and settle bills from the appropriate station.

Station-wise-kot-printing with paytelrms

Kot printing particular to a station

Do you have different cooking stations? no fear! Assign each station a different printer, then forward the KOT to the appropriate stations. Easily link them all to your main point of sale to keep track of all your orders and their status.

Table-and-area-management with paytelrms

Arrangement of sections and tables

Big restaurants, big problems. Reduce your problems by using Paytel RMS Restaurant POS to simplify area and table management. Establish individual menus, service tax rates, and customizable seating arrangements for each dining venue.

Create tax and discount structures with paytelrms

Create tax and discount structures

Switch to restaurant billing software that enables you to instantly set up and apply various taxes, modify tax rates, and provide discounts based on your service offerings, local customs, and operational needs!

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