Use a single menu management program for everything

Customize your restaurant menu and offer your customers better add-ons, exciting offers, special menus, dynamic pricing and more

Use a single menu management program for everything

Type of item, variants, and accessories

Customize your restaurant menu as you wish! Create item-wise variations and add-ons with different pricing and more for each customization with Petpooja Restaurant POS Software.

Management of aggregator menus

Integrate your restaurant menu with any and all food delivery aggregators. Easily edit your menu items and their available timings, prices and turn on/off any item directly from the POS in case of low inventory stock.

Make shortcodes to enable prompt billing

Assign item-wise shortcodes as per your convenience for faster billing, significantly increase software adoption rate and checkout speed to save customers and employees time!

Several menus

Create different dining areas and create a different menu for each! Manage all areas and their menus with a Petpooja restaurant POS software. Plus, you get full pricing control over all your menus, whether physical or online!

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