Easily manage clients at your fingertips

Paytel RMS’s CRM allows you to track, manage, and reward loyal customers, ensuring that your brand creates a special relationship with each customer

Integrated CRM that promotes client loyalty

Control the retention of customers

Create SMS campaigns wishing your consumers a happy birthday to make them feel extra special! Give your clients exclusive benefits, deals, and incentives to create a customized experience

Updated client data

Combine all of the client data that has been gathered from website orders, in-house orders, online orders, and Captain app orders into a single data pool. To win over customers and win their loyalty, use this data to personalize their experience!

Monitor consumer behavior

Use the built-in CRM feature of Paytel RMS to keep track of all of your sales. By keeping track of your customers’ purchases and unique messages, you can also learn more about their preferences. Utilize all of this information to enhance consumer satisfaction and attract new business.

Make labels for customers

By simply classifying and identifying your customer pool in the manner of your choosing, Paytel RMS POS CRM makes customer administration easier so that you may run marketing and feedback campaigns and provide group or corporate discounts

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